Saturday, 7 December 2013

Enjoying watching the game

Just had an hour to spare and I watched a taped Caps Habs game from last week.

Watching taped games is weird because it's like a time machine, you know the score and kind of look out for each goal.

But it's awesome to read the play, focus on players and their habits and analyze the play more.

I've been thinking that Brouwer was in a slump but he got 3 grade-A chances in that game, all at even-strength, so I think he's just about to break out now as opposed to thinking he's not working his way through it.

I also have a lot of respect for how the kid Schmidt is playing his 18 or so minutes - very well.  This isn't sustainable over a very long period for a 22 year old D just out of college, but he's filling in admirably as a top-4 D for now.

Nothing like hockey on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

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