Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Some Surprises for Sens ///Nouveaux visages chez les Sénateurs

The Ottawa Senators have included Nick Foligno and Luke Richardson in their season-opening roster for tonight's game against the Maple Leafs.

Richardson was not as much of a surprise to me as Foligno, who is still quite young. He does, however, remind me of a young Mike Fisher. He has a lot of energy and plays a smart game. Let's hope he sticks beyond the period when Dean McAmmond returns from his concussion.

///Les Sénateurs d'Ottawa ont inclus Nick Foligno et Luke Richardson and leur alignement final pour débuter la saison ce soir contre les Maple Leafs de Toronto.

La présence de Richardson n'est pas aussi surprenante que celle de Foligno, qui est encore très jeune. Il me rappelle un jeune Mike Fisher, avec sa verve et son sens du jeu. Espérons qu'il demeurera avec l'équipe après le retour de Dean McAmmond, qui souffre d'une commotion cérébrale.


PJD said...

Dude, how can you say that Richardson is not much of a surprise but Foligno is? Richardson is old by hockey standards...I believe he averages less than 5 points a year over the last few years. Foligno will double that point total before Christmas...I say him play often in Sudbury where he was a leader, that said he was a big fish in a little pond...things will be different in the big league. My prediction is that Foligno will not spend the entire season in Ottawa and that he will be in street clothes on many game nights.

Hockey Amor said...

Thanks for the input on Foligno.

he can always be sent down before he plays 9 games without using up a year of eligibility for free agency.

Do you think he should be playing with the Wolves this year?

PJD said...

He can't play with the Wolves...he's done with the OHL...expired overager.

PJD said...

Dude, Richardson was a scratch tonight and Foligno played over 7 minutes.

Hockey Amor said...

Too bad for Foligno, it was an no-name type of game for him. Maybe he'll be off to Binghamton soon...

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