Friday, 8 June 2007

Four Months To Go ///Dans quatre mois

The NHL season opener is usually around October 6, so in four short months they’ll be back in the saddle again.

L’ouverture de la saison de la LNH est normalement au début octobre, donc il nous reste qu’à attendre quatre mois avant de revoir de l’excellent hockey.


PJD said...

I’m rather amused at all the joy in the Leaf nation.

The Ottawa Senators were dispatched from the Stanley Cup finals in five quick games, and Toronto fans are enraptured and ready to have a parade down Yonge Street.

On one hand, I suppose, it’s understandable: They’ll never have a real reason for a parade. At least, I suspect, not in my lifetime. Not as long as current ownership exists and keeps hiring the likes of John Ferguson Jr. to run the show.

Nik Antropov gets a two-year, $4.1-million US contract extension? Case closed.

They’re so annoying. Back-to-back wins in November is enough to send them scurrying to the streets, flags attached to their car windows, horns honking, screams of ecstasy piercing the night.


And in the case of the Senators, nothing wrong with hating them or cheering for the Ducks. But don’t lose perspective. It’s not Ottawa’s fault Toronto sucks. Remember, Ottawa wakes up in the morning as Stanley Cup finalists. They also head into training camp knowing they’ll be contenders for the crown yet again.

The Leafs and their fans wake up a day older and not an inch closer to even making the playoffs.

Hockey Amor said...

Pity the Leafs fan. Well said, PJD.

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