Monday, 4 June 2007

Much Better ///Beaucoup Mieux

Satruday's game was a much better display of what the Sens can do. They were hungrier. They were more intense. They wanted it more. Isn't that what decides it?

///Le match de samedi était un bien meilleur exemple de ce que les Sénateurs peuvent faire. Ils avaient plus faim, ils étaient plus intense, et ils voulaient remporter le match plus que les Ducks. N'est-ce pas ce qui fait la différence?

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Anonymous said...

I agree, the Sens played a quite a bit better. But isn't there also the fact that the Ducks did not play as good as they did in the previous games. Take a 2-0 lead and unconsciously sit on your lead. I hope the Sens keep it up tonight. With Pronger out of the way...

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