Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Great First, Bad Second, OK Third – Not Enough ///Excellente pemière, mauvaise deuxième, troisième adéquate - pas suffisant.

They could have put out much more. I think they did their best, and their best wasn’t good enough against the Ducks. Their backs are now against the proverbial wall.

///Ils pourraient en avoir donné bien plus. Je crois qu’ils ont fait de leur mieux, mais leur mieux n’était pas assez contre les Ducks. Il sont acculés au pied du mur.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I need to say it. "Nope, not this year! Again."

Paul D said...

How's this for a headline only you would trully appreciate.

"Ducks quack the code on the road, look to win Stanley Cup at home"

Hockey Amor said...

Like the band Journey sang: "Don't stop believing".

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